1 First Of All Register Yourself By Clicking Register At Login Page.
2 Registration Demands To Complete Part 1 And Part 2 Hence Generate "TICKET" Which Will Contain The Basic Inormation Of The Officer And Event Selection Selected By Him/Her.
3 This Application Provides Registration In Two Parts.Part 1 is For Basic Information And Second Part is For Event Selection.
4 The Table For Entering The Details Of Family Members Can Be Incereased By Clicking   and Decreased By Clicking
5 Member 1 Is The Member Of The Family It Does Not Mean The Registrator/Head Of The Family
6 After Entering Basic Details Click On Save Or Next Your Details Will Be Saved And Locked Automatically.
7 Once The Basic Details And The Choices Are Locked Modifications Are Not Possible,So Please Be Very Sure While Entering The Details.
8 In The Second Part Of The Registration Check The Members In The Panel Given Below Header And Fill The Event Chioces For Every Member Accordingly.
9 Once The Save Button Is Clicked The Choices Will Be Locked For Referring Member And The Corrosponding CheckBox Will Appear Green.
10 Print Ticket Option Will Only Appear When All The CheckBoxes Corrosponding To Members Appear Green.
11 You can Leave The Event Selection If You Are Not Sure It Will Resume From The Point You Had Left It.
12 For Any Assistance Regarding The Use Of The Application Call   mob-9039890972
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